Thursday, January 29, 2015

The Beginnings or the Way of a Web Developer

The beginnings... 

      I started my computer adventure with a Ti99a and a Trash80 more commonly called a Radio Shack TRS80. After that short lived adventure where I learned to program in BASIC, I was given an Apple II plus. With that I graduated to an Apple GS, opting it over the Mac. There ended my adventure with the Apples as I was convinced to get a DOS based 486 where upon delving into machine language, assembly and of course BASIC. Along with that was the modem wars with the ever pursuit of faster speeds moving from 300 baud working my way up to 56k, lightning speed! And the BBS’s!, lots of fond memories with those…then evolving to AOL. DOS died eventually to be replaced by Windows pc’s where I was mostly a gamer not really desiring to become a progammer. I was a hardware and Windows OS guy though, always the one being called to help with fixing the families and friends pc’s. So after spending many years working in the pizza delivery business I finally realized that I wanted to make a living with computers.

 The Way of a Web Developer... 

      I looked around and said, “I want to be a web developer.” Since then I have self-educated myself with the skills of being a web developer as I evolved acquiring the skills necessary to finally become an HTML5 developer. After a couple of companies and many freelance projects I have arrived at Mobiquity, Inc. Where I believe I have finally found a company I can believe in and who believes in me to achieve my desire to be a mobile app developer using HTML5.

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