Collin McGarry 
Integrating design with code

About Myself       

      I am a HTML5 Front-End web developer and have done so since 1999. My exclusive focus is taking a design and realizing the concept put forth by the designer. Slicing and dicing then using HTML5 technology I create a vibrant and active website which is viewable on the web or mobile device.

       I consider myself to be an integrator, specializing in taking design and integrating it with the code, implementing it into whatever platform I am given whether it is applications such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal or a custom coded application. I do code and customize applications as needed, but I do not believe in re-inventing the wheel on every project so I will use what is available in the Open Source community as needed. I am a hardcore HTML5 developer and lately have focused my studies on developing Hybrid mobile apps using HTML5 which allows for the apps to work on iPhone and Android. 

A Quick Overview     

v 14 years of web development experience
v Front-end & back-end web development
Specialize in integrating design with code
v Social Media development
Have extensive experience working in house, telecommute and freelance

Skills & Tools              

     Having worked with JavaScript since the onset of the web I am quite fluent. I have worked with literally 100's of scripts or have hand coded what I needed. Working with frameworks such as those listed here makes the whole process a lot smoother
Ø  jQuery
Ø  node.js
Ø  Angular JS
Ø  Anything JavaScript


          A few of the CSS3 frameworks I have worked with
Ø  Twitter bootstrap
Ø  Boilerplate
Ø  Foundation 4


Hybrid APP Development:

Ø  Using Intels XDK I have begun delving into creating apps which work on both Android and iPhone.
Ø  Using the knowledge I already have, namely HTML5, it is a breeze developing full blown mobile apps using PhoneGap / Cordova and Intels XDK


Integrating design with:
     The majority of my experience is with PHP and in the past Cold Fusion.

     Integrating a design into any platform is not a problem; I have worked with these but can work with any platform or custom application.   

      Adobe Master Collection CS6 is my primary tool set for development and image slicing/manipulation.

v  Dreamweaver for hand coding and working with teams
v  Fireworks for design and slicing
v  Photoshop for design and slicing
Ø  For hand coding either Dreamweaver or Edit Plus
Ø  Intels XDK for app development


Traditional Training

·         Broward Community College 1986-1987 - Ft. Lauderdale, Fl.
·         Valencia Community College 1987-1988 - Orlando, Fl.

Areas of study:  Electronics and Robotics, Programming of Industrial Robots, Computer Science, Digital circuits 2 years of Schooling, no degree obtained.

Non-Traditional Training (aka Self-educated in the school of life)

             I am completely self-taught in the field of web development, mostly on the job but I'm always learning new web technologies. I am a self-learner, self-starter, self-motivated individual embracing the web and what the internet brings to us.
I started out in 1999 as an HTML coder at Domanet, Inc. a web design company in Ft. Lauderdale, FL and while there enhanced my skills by learning programming languages such as ColdFusion and Perl. After a couple years I was head-hunted to an Internet startup Entry Form, Inc. in Boca Raton, FL. for my ColdFusion skills. Entry Form failed after 9-11 due to lack of investors. I floated for a few years doing contract work and eventually began work with Technician Bureau in Texas as a contractor and became an employee when we merged with another company later to be named Field Solutions. Here I honed my skills with PHP and JavaScript. I then relocated to Miami, Florida after a year, when my wife left the U.S. Army, for a job with Oxidev Interactive as a PHP developer primarily as a front-end coder and working with frameworks such as Joomla and Expression Engine. I have since relocated to Melbourne, FL where I worked as a contractor for Oxidev Interactive and Field Solutions when they needed me.  Now the majority of my work is freelance working for multiple design firms.

Employment History                 

Currently working Freelance and have been doing so for the last 6 years with the following companies as a small sampling:

v  PineappleStreetStudios Satellite Beach, FL
v  PinWheel Media, Inc - Vero Beach, Fl.
v  Mindkube Inc. - Melbourne, Fl.
v  SeaDrive Design.-  Orlando, Fl.
v  Kaufman Design Orlando, Fl.

Previous Companies that I have worked with full time from most recent back to the first company:

Start Date: March 2008
End Date: April 2009

Oxidev Interactive, LLC
Miami, FL
Supervisor: Stefan

Job Title: PHP and Front-End Developer

Job Description: At Oxidev Interactive I Primarily worked as a Front-End developer integrating design with use of CMS applications doing custom modifications. Joomla, Drupal, Expression Engine. Salary: 55k Reason for leaving: Relocated to Melbourne, FL. I have transitioned to being a contractor with Oxidev Interactive for additional year as a telecommute employee.
Start Date: April 2007
End Date: March 2008

Field Solutions (formerly Technician Bureau, Inc.)
Austin, TX with headquarters in Minnesota
Phone: 512-366-3345 or 512-921-6540
Supervisor: Gerald Bailey, CTO

Job Title: Web Developer

Job Description: I telecommuted extensively with this company as a contractor and eventually as an employee doing web development. Everything we did was custom coding; essentially we built this site from the ground up using PHP, AJAX, SOAP, JavaScript and of course HTML and CSS.
Salary: 36k
Reason for leaving: Moved to Florida to work at Oxidev Interactive.
Start Date: 04.01
End Date:
Entry Form, Inc.
No url, this company doesn’t exist anymore.
7280 W. Palmetto Park Rd. Suite 301
Boca Raton, Fl. 33431
Phone: 954-448-8466
Supervisor: Eric Noble, CEO

Job Title: Cold Fusion Developer
Job Description: Developing using Cold Fusion. Entry Form was a lotto and sweepstakes portal. Although I was hired as a web developer in which I integrated design with Cold Fusion I was also responsible for setting up, maintaining, and repairing the network of Windows 2000 computers we had in the office. During my time with Entry Form I also developed the corporate intranet based on Cold Fusion .
Salary: 45k
Reason for leaving: Entry Form, Inc. was an Internet startup. Unfortunately they were not able to obtain the investors necessary after 9-11 so eventually we folded.
Start Date: 07.98
End Date:
Domanet, Inc.
1071 NW 54 St. Ft. Lauderdale, Fl. 33309
Phone: 954-938-0410
Supervisor: Mike Jones
Job Title: Web Developer
Job Description: Designed and developed various web projects over the years cutting my teeth on HTML and CSS as well as slicing PhotoShop PSD’s. I learned and used Cold Fusion, MySQL, Minivend (a perl Shopping cart), various Perl scripts. I haven’t touched Perl since leaving Domanet, Inc.
Salary: 30k
Reason for leaving: I was head hunted for a better paying job with Entry Form, Inc.